Michael Thomas (Usually Known as just "Moose) is

Moose in 2008

the drummer for Bullet For My Valentine. Born in Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, Wales, and grew up with Matt Tuck and Nick Crandle, Michael had very much the same musical experiences as the rest of the band. A fan of traditional heavy metal such as Iron Maiden, Moose learnt drums at an early age. Following the departure of Nick Crandle, Moose changed his drumming style to adapt to the new band's style of music, and became considerably more happy to double-kick his two independent bass drums. Since 2005, Moose has been pounding out crushing beats and playing alongside or opening for drumming greats such as Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

Moose has been endorsing Pearl drums since 2005, and used a Pearl Masters kit up until 2010, where he switched to the Pearl Reference series. He also used Sabian cymbals before being endorsed by Zildjian in 2006, where he uses A Custom cymbals (and a K crash live). In 2012, Moose switched from Remo drum heads to Evans, and also uses signature Vic Firth drumsticks and Pearl Hardware (including the Pearl Demon Elimanator Drives and a Pearl ICON drum rack. 


  • Many claim Moose's main inspiration was Lars Ulrich, but in fact strikes a clearly defined line between Lars' and Vinnie Paul's (formerly Pantera, now part of Hellyeah) beats.