Michael Paget

Michael Paget (or Padge, as he is most commonly known) is the lead guitarist for Bullet For My Valentine. Although commonly seen using an ESP Michael Paget V, in the video for "Tears Don't Fall", Padge is using an ESP Eclipse guitar, he is also seen using a Gibson Flying V, an ESP EX, ESP MP-600, ESP MP-200, and various types of Jackson King V's on occasion. He is mostly seen using his Michael Paget V however.


Born 12th September 1978, Padge had the passion of learning guitar from an early age. At 17, after much saving from his paper runs, Padge bought a 3-quarter size classical guitar. He orignally couldn't tune it and learnt songs string-by-string. Fortunately, his cousin stepped in to help. Learning a small amount of chords from the chord chart booklet accompanying the guitar, Padge quickly learned Nirvana's "Polly". Soon after, his love of metal kicked off and he began to get into bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden, and dreamed of performing with ZZ Top. In 1998, with friends, Padge started Jeff Killed John with his friends. However Nick Crandle quit suddenly, which lead to a change in music style, and crucially, a new bassist, Jason James. In 2005, Bullet For My Valentine released their Debut Album "The Poison".


  • Padge uses many old-school and not commonly accepted techniques such as behind-the-nut bends for live songs, instead of the use of a whammy bar, due to the adverse effect on retuning a single string that a tremolo sytem has