Jay performing in 2010 to support the release of "Fever"

Jason James (Known as Jay, due to both his initials and a shortening of his first name), is the Bassist and backing vocals in Bullet For My Valentine. Born in Wales on 13 January 1981, he was originally called in to replace Nick Crandle before recording sessions, James was then the full-time bassist. Before Jay was a member of Bullet For My Valentine, he was in the alternative metal band NUKE as their bassist and screaming vocalist. Since 2003, when James officially joined Bullet For My Valentine, his bass has curled out muscular and powerful bassy riffs. Jason now has two children, Abigail and Josh, with his ex wife, Ceri, and still lives in Wales. James is now a delivery driver (bit of a fall from grace as a musician). Kinda feel bad for him. Hope he gets a new band.


  • Jay is the only one to still keep all of his original piercings from the early times of "The Poison"