The ESP LTD MP-600 is the base signature guitar series mainly used by Michael Paget. The MP-600 (So named


due to Paget's initials, M.P.) features many desirable specifications of the metalcore guitarist. It is distinguised from the Michael Paget V and the MP-200 due to having the custom gunshot inlay, but not the Bullet For My Valentine logo over the bridge.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

The MP-600 features a neck-thru-body design, a 25.5" scale, ebony fretboard on an all-mahogany design. The nut is a standard 43mm design. A Tonepros Locking Tune-O-Matic Bridge, an EMG 81 Afterburner Active cereamic pickup in the bridgeplace, an EMG 85 Afterburner Active ceramic pickup in the neckplaceas well as seperate pickup volumes, a master tone control, 3 way toggle selector as well as extras like black nickel hardware and Padge's specific colour scheme. at AU$2099, it stays firmly above the range of a medium price metal V, at with its competitors all being approximately $1000, such as the Jackson KV- and X-Series, and the BC Rich Speed-V, and considerably more than the next closest, the BC Rich JR-V and the Jackson JS32 series.